Side Event

 Balance Bar 

The cafeteria of Balance Festival where you can cafeteria, cleanser juice, health drink, diet shake, and healthy drinks that suit your taste 

 Balance Park 

Balance Park : Balance Park: A place you can rest and enjoy in the middle of the city. There are also many healing items where you can experience Slocalizaiton 

 Balance Riding 

Do not stress about commuting anymore! Everything about self-reliance on a bicycle!! Introduction and exhibition based on transportation using bicycles and smart mobility 

 Balance Fit your body 

An offline pop-up store on site selling clothing sold only online through SNS marketing (gymware, athleisure look, etc.) 

 Balance Smart Device 

Sales of smart wearables and devices for fitness and various workouts. A hall composited of smart watch, smart scale, motion recognition game event 

2012 Balance Festival (Co-host: K beautycon/ International Fragrance Festival 
Sept 2th- Sept 4th 2021 Incheon Convensia 
2012 Balance Festival (Co-host: K  beautycon / International Fragrance Festival )
⁠Sept 2th- Sept 4th 2021 
⁠Incheon  Convensia  

⁠Balance Festival Head Office 
⁠5,  Baekjegobun-ro  9-gil,  Songpa-gu , Seoul (Story 2003) (05561)